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Biggest trends in custom software development

What technology is already impacting custom software development and what should we expect in the next 12 months

Biggest trends in custom software development

Custom software development is a fast paced industry.

Technology moves quickly and before you can finish saying Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence, everyone has already moved onto the next thing.

Some of these new developments are a flash in the pan.

They get used because they’re new, they’re different and they’re exciting.

But then they die off because they don’t make the impact you were expecting.

Other developments are worth taking bigger note of though.

These are real trends that are moving custom software development forward.

They’ll help make better products, make business more efficient, and improve the lives of your workforce.

Here, we look at the top trends to make sure you understand when it comes to the future of custom software development.

Custom software development in the cloud

Custom software development in the cloud has been going for a while now, so this is not a new trend.

But as more businesses gravitate towards using cloud based software for key business functions, you can expect to see more custom software development heading into the cloud as well.

Going into the cloud makes a lot of sense.

For a start it greatly reduces the cost of development.

Developing in the cloud is more efficient, it’s easier to scale and it’s more secure.

You can also be much more collaborative by working in the cloud, vastly improving the lifecycle of your bespoke software development and getting products out quicker.

More focus on mobile and flexible working

The last few months has turned the evolution of the workplace - from desk based to work from anywhere based - into a complete revolution.

Companies that had slowly been moving towards remote work have are now moving at rapid speed to take advantage of flexible work options to satisfy the needs and safety of their workforce.

Businesses which had never even considered remote working before are now being forced to put it on their agenda.

And this will impact the development of custom software.

Suddenly companies don’t just need their own software that makes life easier working in the same space.

They need custom software that gives their workforce the ability to carry out the same tasks, but from anywhere.

Security by design

Custom software security has always been a big issue.

Better security is one of the reasons many companies turn to custom software in the first place.

But with software now having to meet even bigger security issues (like remote working and sharing sensitive information on the go) custom software will have to become far more concerned with increasing security.

Data driven software

Businesses have always produced tonnes of data on a daily basis.

But until recently, using this data hasn’t always been a top priority.

Many businesses have struggled to figure out how to use their data properly.

With the emergence of Big Data and Analytics, companies now want custom software that helps them understand their information, and figure out how to use it better.

Even the need for custom software is becoming more driven by data.

Inefficiencies are becoming much easier to identify and analyse.

Which means managers know exactly the problem they are trying to solve, and the precise features they need from custom software.


Rich applications and functions require a lot of data to work properly.

Whether we see 5G networks have in impact across the entire custom software development world, or whether it becomes more suited to B2B or B2C focused software, it will definitely spark a new trend in the creation of software and the use of technology.

There’s been a lot of controversy about the rollout of 5G and plenty of misinformation.

But we’re definitely going to see an exponential growth in the use of 5G technology, which will impact the creation of new, bespoke software products.

Cross platform software development

In the past you fell into one of two camps in the custom software application world.

Either iOS, or Android.

You picked a side, and you developed your software around one of these.

Moving forward you can expect to see the rise in cross platform development.

Businesses want to move quickly, and they don’t want to become restricted in the tools and technology they can use depending on whether they’re Apple or Android users.

Expect to see more software developed that can work across both platforms in the future.

Progressive Web Apps

AWPs have been around for a while now, so they’re not a completely new trend.

But they’re another tool that is becoming more popular based on customer habits and demand - which is why you should pay attention.

The main benefit of Progressive Web Apps is that they combine the benefits of a website with mobile apps, creating quicker loading websites, which are more reliable and improve the user experience.

And that’s key.

Improving the user experience is becoming much more important and many businesses are making user experience they’re main differentiator between them and the competition.

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