We can provide software,
integration services.

The ability to buy an application and run it has become simple and cost effective, especially with Software as a Service being as good as it is. The problem is, the applications are'nt necessarily going to work with the rest of your systems.

Software, Systems, Cloud and apps are nicer, save time, improve quality and make your processes much more effective when you have good integration.

There are a number of strategies for integration and we can help you decide which is best and get it put in place.

Our Custom Software Development service enables us to mix off the shelf tools with writing software to provide the exact solution you need. With off the shelf tools often requiring a coders mindset, we're confident we can help you get the best outcome.

01Real-time integration

Depending on what you're integrating, perhaps your HR, finance or marketing systems with your website, sometimes you need updates in one application to be reflected immediately somewhere else. While it can be the most difficult, the right architecture and infrastructure can make real-time integration very achievable.

02Batch integration

Sometimes you just need to update a system once a day, overnight or some other frequency and you don't need real-time. It may also be that your applications just cannot support some methods of integration like API's. Batch integration, for example exporting a csv and importing it into another application is both common and typical.

03Data integration

On some occasions, integrating application and systems is done at a data-level. Through a variety of techniques like database to database or excel/csv to database and so on, data integration between two or more systems is both effective and achievable.


Connecting Systems

We've got experience integrating real-time and batch, new and old. Some example include:

  • 01Moving files with FTPS, FTP, SFTP
  • 02Writing integration end-points for Web based API
  • 03Developing code to connect bespoke systems
  • 04File and data format transformation and movement
  • 05Database to database, extract, transform, load (ETL).
  • 06Loading data into high scale no-sql databases for Microservices

Benefits of Integration

  • 01Reduced double keying
  • 02Increased effectiveness
  • 03Improved data consistency
  • 04More effective working
  • 05New business capabilties
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