GDPR isn't daunting,
when you use Erudite.

Erudite makes managing requests, documenting data, logging risks and more, simple! We've built a software tool your whole company can use, and what's more, it's self service for people raising a request for their data.

If your keen to learn more over time, we blog about GDPR and cover topics like Individuals Rights, Organisation obligations like the Data Protection Principles and more.

As a Software Development Company, we used our skills in Bespoke Software Development to create a solution that makes complying with GDPR more straight forward. Hosted in a multi-cloud architecture, you can be confident its available when you need it.

01Log Public Requests

Under the GDPR, the people have a right over their data, including having access to it, ensuring its accurate and restricting its use. Erudite makes documenting these requests and completing in a timely manner simple.

02Document your data

Your organisation should have clearly documented what data you have, why you need it, what legal basis your using and a whole lot more. Erudite's structed forms making answering all required questions straight forward and consistent.

03Manage Risks

Part of managing the Information Security surrounding your data, including knowing what risks exist and how they might impact your organisation and customer data. Erudite provides a simple, clear way to document and manage risks.

We can help

Getting started with GDPR

If you like the sound of Erudite, but need help getting started we offer a kick start service

Our team can spend time in your organisation, learning about your data, risks, systems and owners and get it all documented in Erudite so your ready to start using the tool on your own with confidence.


  • 01Log Requests
  • 02Manage Risks
  • 03Document Data
  • 04Workflow reminders
  • 05Record Data Breaches
  • 06Simple pricing
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