API's & Microservices

service oriented architecture

Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a style of design that gives access to resources, logic, processing, validation and storage. SOA provides digital contracts that do not have a user interface. Each digital contract provides a business service or piece of functionality for a specific domain. Built to be open and standards compliant, SOA is vendor and technology agnostic


Microservices are the continued and refined SOA journey. Microservices expands on the separation of concerns concept of SOA to break each service up into small discrete components. While SOA is a major step forward in delivering multi-channel capabilty, teams could build monolithic services that become harder to develop, maintain and release quickly.


Whether you're on a Digital transformation journey or not, the key to supporting consistent, seamless and engaging user experience is to have a wealth of services providing the business capability.

API's & Microservices

Although an API (Application Programming Interface) is widely used across software development in many ways, more recently, an API is the common name given to a web facing interface.

Like SOA, Microservices are a way of implementing API's and are small by nature and provide a single or small collection of related services, for example a service that sends email or sms communication or provides employee, supplier or customer information.

Rich API Platform

Putting Microservices, API's and SOA to one side, Metatec can work with you to understand your organisation, map out where you data is and build an enterprise wide capability map based around what systems you have and what systems you are going to need. We can help you design, implement and run your API's to deliver a digital platform that enables your products to delight your customers.


Organise API's into re-usable components that can enable a modular architecture and support faster innovation and time to market.


Put in place development practices, teams, tools and processes that make ongoing maintenance simple, low risk and confidence inspiring.


Have logging, alerting and monitoring integrated across your API's and monitoring end to end customer journey.

Secure Gateway

Implement gateway tools that not only provide security of your services, but give you a way to control access and limit usage.


Integrate code with the latest techniques such as containers to have continuous integration and continuous deployment into a variety of hosting environments like Azure and AWS or even both simultaneously. Once in the cloud, you have great flexibility in scaling up and out as demand required so you only pay for and run the infrastructure you need.