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Digital Strategy for Maddie Wade Author

Maddie Wade have been working with Metatec since before Metatec formally became who we are today. Having completed the Website design, setup their CMS and got their hosting setup, Maddie was on her way.

#maddiewadeauthor #digitalstrategy #brandupdate #trello #letsencrypt #website-design #cms #dotnet #azure #merchandise

Matt Parsons
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

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Launch of new website for Leominster Properties

We've just completed work on the new website for Leominster Properties and set it live on its new domain name.

Leominster Properties approached us looking for a website that would enable them to publish their variety of properties online so people could view the commercial, industrial and residential properties in their portfolio.

#leominsterProperties #leominster #properties #commercial #residential #industrial #herefordshire

Matt Parsons
Sunday, September 22, 2019

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Our new product for GDPR, Erudite!

We're very proud to announce the launch into beta of our GDPR product called Erudite

Aimed at business of all sizes, from single person business to Enterprise, Erudite will make it simple to receive requests from Data Subjects as well as manage risks, document data and have a nice workflow to keep on schedule.

#erudite #gdpr #launch #beta

Matt Parsons
Sunday, August 4, 2019

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Individuals rights under GDPR

This blog is a continuation of the Introduction to GDPR series. If you've missed the start, please go here Introduction to GDPR. GDPR came into force in 2018 and with it came specific rights that individuals have with regard their data and how its used, processed, stored, shared and so on.

#gdpr #data-protection #protection-principles #individual-rights

Matt Parsons
Monday, June 24, 2019

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New members of Herefordshire and Worcestershire chamber of commerce

We are very proud and excited to have become members of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce. Having recently met Rosie and Sarah at the Hereford Chamber office based out of the Business Hub in the Rotherwas industrial estate, we made the very positive decision to become members.

#hwchamber #chamberOfCommerce #newmember #networking

Clem Parsons
Thursday, June 20, 2019

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