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Three words for you to remember, refer and earn!

Good morning from the Metatec office. We've had such a diverse and busy week networking and meeting new customers, that I find myself writing my blog entry with a little happy smile. When you put yourself out there and take the leap into running your own business, every success feels fantastic and gives you the drive to go further and further to find unique ways to attract positive attention to you. With that free-thinking spirit in mind we have launched a new Refer Metatec and Earn scheme!

This is a new scheme which is devised to spread the word about us through you and as a reward for your efforts we will give you some money. Our largest Refer and earn payment could be as much as £1000! Which is pretty amazing, who would say no to that!

This week has already shown how successful the refer and earn scheme has been since its launch. When coming up with a reward scheme, many factors have to be taken into consideration and it takes time. Thought has been given to the genuine earning capability, where the work is not hard or excessive for you the referrer. We believe in creating a win-win environment and by introducing us to a friend (who goes on to work with us) and helping us broaden our horizons, you win and we win. We like to reward those who are loyal and supportive by giving back.

So, with that in mind have a look at our refer and earn scheme and click on the referral form to see what’s needed. Its simple, clear and easy.

I end with the reminder of my three key words to take away with you REFER and Earn!

Happy hunting Metatec advocates!

Metatec rewards - refer and earn

Clem Parsons
Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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