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Launch of new website for Leominster Properties

We've just completed work on the new website for Leominster Properties and set it live on its new domain name.

Leominster Properties approached us looking for a website that would enable them to publish their variety of properties online so people could view the commercial, industrial and residential properties in their portfolio.

The brief was to deliver a bespoke application that maintained a consistent style and theme with the ability to manage some elements of the site themselves, such as adding and updating properties with a nice way to create a gallery for each property. This gives the team at Leominster Properties control over the content without having to gain or use any real technical knowledge.

Now live, we're confident the website will be a great tool for them to advertise and share the information on all of their properties, simply and easily.

Metatec host and manage the website, making sure backups, security certificates and a variety of other tasks are completed to ensure good health. Metatec believe in good security by default that's why every one of our websites uses https for all content with credit to LetsEncrypt for making it quick and easy.

Leominster Properties

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Matt Parsons
Sunday, September 22, 2019

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