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Our new product for GDPR, Erudite!

We're very proud to announce the launch into beta of our GDPR product called Erudite

Aimed at business of all sizes, from single person business to Enterprise, Erudite will make it simple to receive requests from Data Subjects as well as manage risks, document data and have a nice workflow to keep on schedule.

Using a consistent interface and approach to collecting data, you can be sure that data is documented in a consistent manner. Data validation ensures information is accurate and required information obtained.

Starting from the price of a monthly mobile phone contract for small businesses up to a very reasonable enterprise price, you can be sure the cost wont be prohibitive.

If you would like to learn more and join the Beta programme, head over to our dedicated website on the link below.

Visit Erudite

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Matt Parsons
Sunday, August 4, 2019

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